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Sharing the opportunity is an important part of our business.  Whether leadership is in your future or not, you will want to offer this wonderful opportunity to others.  An extra $800 per month can be LIFE CHANGING, especially in these times.  Other reasons to share are:

  • Having someone to share your ideas/knowledge with
  • Earning company incentive trips
  • Earning jewelry premiums
  • Earning quarterly recruiting awards
  • The satisfaction of knowing you've helped someone else

Tips for Growing Your Own Team

Recruit Lead Sheet - for keeping tabs on all your possible Recruit Leads
10 Most Commonly Asked Questions - and answers!
'Extra-Extra' Flyer - handout for new recruit leads
6 different types of Advisors - handout for new recruit leads
The 'Perks' of being an Advisor - handout for new recruit leads
Earn an extra $800 a month! - A letter or handout for new recruit leads
Recruit your Hostess! - Send this letter out 10 days before your show
Interview Guide

Invitation to a meeting - Send this letter out to all your new recruit leads
'Mary Mall' vs. 'Jenny Jewelry' - Flyer or Recruiting presentation at parties
Sponsoring Game - Play this at your parties to get info on potential New Recruits
Invitation to a Meeting Telephone Script
Recruiting Telephone Call Script
Hostess Pillow Talk - Ask your Hostess to 'sleep on it'

You have a New Recruit - Now what do you do?
Working with New Starts

Additional Forms on Lia Sophia University you may find helpful:

Excellent Beginnings Chart (2010): #2094
Recruiting Interview Worksheet: #1462

'You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.'
Zig Ziglar


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